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One of the best ways to explore and see the sights of your holiday destination in Rwanda is to jump in the car and head there for the day. But what about visiting multiple destinations in Rwanda, at your own pace, at your convenience and spending as much (or little) time as you like in the Top Car hire Destinations in Rwanda you’d enjoy.

Self drive Rwanda car rental with Rwanda car hire may be just the thing you are looking for – and most needn’t take longer than your typical resort getaway. Whether you are looking to go to Nyungwe for a canopy walk, or Akagera National game park for a Wild adventure or you simply want to visit the gorillas at Volcanos National park, Rwanda car hire will give you unlimited mileage and freedom to enjoy your Rwanda holiday with a car rental of your choice.

Roads Trips are an ever-popular option, most usually favored by those traveling without kids, (although, what a better way for them to see the Rwanda culture and truly enjoy the experience) Rwanda car hire will put the itinerary together for you, guide you on top destinations in Rwanda and what activities in the different national Parks.

But there is something so much more liberating about doing it all yourself on a Self drive car rental– and it couldn’t be easier! We at Rwanda car hire Rwanda highlight 4 of the Top Car hire Destinations in Rwanda and beyond borders to Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya; simply pick your destination, hire your car and off you go!

Rwanda Car hire is established travel experts with 10 years of experience specializing in tailor-made safaris, Car Rental / Hire Services, Private safaris, wildlife safari in Rwanda, Uganda and some parts of Congo. Based on individual client needs, time scale and budget we give the very best value for money by finding the best spots for you!

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