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KN5 Road, Remera Kigali RWANDA.

Car Rental Self Drive - Rwanda 4x4 Car Rental


Best Rwanda Car Rental Experience

Self-drive Safaris and Car Rentals in Rwanda have been made easy for all types of travellers with Car Rental Self Drive. We take care of your journeys and safaris by providing the best and most reliable cars for holidays in Rwanda, and Uganda. Our fleet consists of fully equipped and well-maintained cars including Rav4 cars, Land cruisers, SUVs, and 4×4 cars. We offer our clients the best Car Rental self-drive car rental services. As the best Rwanda Car Rental Agency, when it comes to renting a car, we provide you with a shield of insured vehicles to avoid extra costs in case of any shortcomings. You have your rented car from the airport, at your comfort lounge at the hotel or residence. With our cars, you will get the chance to travel to Rwanda and Uganda with unlimited driving. Go see the Mountain Gorillas of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Bwindi in Uganda, the chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda and Kibale in Uganda, to other wildlife destinations like Akagera for day tours and Queen Elizabeth for multi-day safaris rewarding you with a glimpse at lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, rhinos, and many more.

Renting a Car for Self-drive Tours

For the best safari holidays, it’s Rwanda and southwestern Uganda. Flying into Kigali the best airport where you will find it easy to access those destinations. We combine the two countries to give you choices regarding rates in combination with great adventures. Holidays in Rwanda are great but also a bit premium compared to Uganda. Based on your safari interest, there are always options to choose from. Each country has a cooperative advantage over the other and choosing one or both is equal to a memorable African encounter for nature lovers. If you are to visit both it’s better to have a multiple East African visa to avoid double payments. Most of the roads in the urban areas are well paved with road signs to direct you, so one would not hustle much to navigate through to various destinations. One on a Self-drive, one should note that the max speed while driving in township places is 40km/hr for most parts and 60k – 100km/hr in a few areas while the minimum is 20km/hr. Maintain an average of 50km/hr on bumpy roads and 40km/hr in the national game reserves.

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Rent a 4×4 car in Rwanda for Holidays

Travelling in Rwanda requires a lot of flexibility and that’s what we offer to our clients. Choosing a destination to tour will require a reasonable car and with our fleet, you will be able to find that vehicle that matches your budget. Safaris to Akagera National Park will call for a 4×4 to bisect through the park for a better view of the wilderness in Rwanda. These include Toyota Rav4s for basic rental, the Land Cruisers Prado 79 series, and 100 series all of which are available at budget rates. Places like Volcanoes National Park and touring Kibuye may require a 4×4 during the rainy season, but an ordinary SUV may be an option during the dry season. The drive to the Nyungwe National Park is a long one — six hours. Cyamudongo Forest has a bit more challenging roads and here you will need a full 4×4 SUV. If you are not used to the African terrains we have driver guides to assist you.

Why Chose Us

Our Car hire fleet range from economy self-driving SUVs like the Toyota Rav4, heavy-duty 4×4 cars like the Toyota Landcruisers and the Land Rover 110 as well as car for luxury Self-driving adventure in Rwanda.

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Popular Destinations

All these safari destinations can be accessed on a self-guided trip. We have a team that will provide you with first-hand information and updates that will make it easy for you on your Rwanda holiday tour. Planning with our team will provide you with tips on how to travel around the country, the basic info about lodging and other accommodations, rates for parks, and payments on what activities. Self-drive safaris in Rwanda are safe and effective and this is where you have a lot of flexibility.

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