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KN5 Road, Remera Kigali RWANDA.

Rwanda car hire and Self-driving tours, starting from Kigali. Pick up your car from our office, airport or at your hotel. Some find it strange to talk about Rwanda safaris yet most Rwandans want people to look to the present and future, as well as understanding their past.

Akagera-National-Park Rwanda Safaris, Rwanda SafarisThe thickly forested Virunga volcanoes along the entire border with Congo and Uganda to the north from a formidable natural border are the home of the endangered mountain gorillas. Many of these family groups have been habituated to human contact over many years; spending some time in their presence is undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to Rwanda and one of life’s great experiences. With peace now re-established, it is possible to visit these remarkable animals once again.

Exciting Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda is one of the only countries in Africa where tourists can take safaris to see gorillas in their natural habitat (Volcanoes National Park). The monkeys (Golden Monkeys) are the main focus of safari tours. Safaris in Rwanda offer something for everyone–those wishing to see exotic birds, native wildlife, and different cultures in their element. On a safari, travelers also get a hands-on history lesson on the country. The country is landlocked but offers beautiful, sweeping terrain. One of Rwanda’s main geographical attractions is its volcano Mountain Ranges stretching from DR Congo part of the great Virunga Mountains. There are five volcanoes that groups can get to from the Rwanda side of the Parc National des Volcans. In the forests and savannahs, safari-goes can see elephants, crocodiles and hippos. Most Rwanda safaris take place over several days, with some lasting multiple weeks. They can be specifically tailored to your interests, or follow a pre-set itinerary. Most safari companies require a minimum number of travellers to complete a safari group.

Wildlife safaris in Rwanda, 5 Days Akagera and Volcanoes Tour

Rwanda wildlife Safaris - Akagera Day Tours

Rwanda Self-drive Safaris - Budget Car Hire

Rwanda Self-drive Safaris - Budget Car Hire

Going on a Rwanda Safari

Going on a Safari is one of the most exciting things you can possibly do. Did you know that the average Rwanda Safaris take a couple of hours to go through, and it can be a multiple-day process? I think that every person should acknowledge the fact that going on a safari is not something that the light of heart should do. The Rwanda Safaris that I am talking about include up and close encounters with wild animals, ranging from the mighty lion to the dainty and delicate zebra. One of their biggest features has always been their gorilla tours – at certain times of the year, the mating process for these gorillas leads us to see literally hundreds of the beasts roaming around. If you are skittish amongst large animals, this might be a bad idea for you, but in general, this has been one of the best vacations of my life!

Rwanda was the first place to develop gorilla tourism and is still the best place to view them. Trekking the volcanoes is, for the intrepid, equal a buzz but requires a high degree of resilience. They are a tough climb and discomfort is the name of the game but the views across the volcanic chain are awesome on a clear day. However, the stunning Nyungwe Forest National Park has fared much better and is home to many species of primate, including some huge troops of colobus monkeys and chimpanzees. And for beach lovers who thought their luck was out, there are some of Africa’s best inland beaches on the shores of Lake Kivu. Both Gisenyi and Kibuye have white sand and water sports plus fantastic views across the beautiful waters to the mountains of Congo and beyond.

We are a Specialist in organizing inbound Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. We provide well-organized, hassle-free African holiday packages for incentive groups, small group safaris, and Free individual travelers and families. All our Africa safaris are entirely tailored to you, so whether you’re after something really adventurous, luxurious, low-key, different, wild, or relaxing, we will make sure it fits you perfectly. We take you to the top tour destinations. Africa offers something completely different, something that no other destination can, which makes it the perfect destination to go to for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday (or honeymoon)!

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