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KN5 Road, Remera Kigali RWANDA.

What Causes Rental Car Breakdowns?

  hire-professional-cars-at-rent-car-rwanda Breakdowns can happen for various reasons, some preventable, others not. Here are some common culprits that Rent Car Rwanda would like to share with you:  Mechanical Mishaps: rent-professional-modern-cars-at-rent-car-rwanda It’s important to remember that rental cars are constantly in use. While rental companies strive for…

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How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

  vbn Choosing the right vehicle for your trip involves several considerations to ensure comfort, safety, and practicality: 1. Destination and Terrain: Assess the terrain you'll encounter (city streets, highways, off-road) and choose a vehicle that suits it (sedan, SUV, 4x4). 2. Group Size: Consider…

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Eco-Friendly Driving Tips in Rwanda

frt Here are detailed eco-friendly driving tips tailored for Rwanda to help you save fuel, reduce emissions, and promote sustainable driving habits:  1. Maintain Your Vehicle - Regular Servicing: Ensure your vehicle is regularly serviced to keep the engine running efficiently.…

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Best Cars for Summer Driving in Rwanda

image.png 421.71 KB When considering the best cars for summer driving in Rwanda, it's essential to focus on vehicles that offer comfort, reliability, fuel efficiency, and the ability to handle various road conditions. Here are some top choices 1. Toyota Land…

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What To Do In Case Of A Breakdown or Accident With A Rental Car

Experiencing a vehicle breakdown can be stressful and dangerous, especially if it happens in an inconvenient location. Here’s a detailed guide on what to do to ensure your safety and get help quickly:  Secure the Scene: protect-yourself-from-car-breakdown-with-rent-car-rwanda-drivers Pull over to a safe…

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