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KN5 Road, Remera Kigali RWANDA.

Rent a car and camping gear for your Rwanda Camping Safaris. We offer budget options for Rwanda on self-drive and camping safaris. Book your ground tent starting from 2 persons to 8 persons and save on your trip. Camping is a profound option to spend holidays in Africa. Perfect vehicle for self-driving in Rwanda and Uganda safaris combined with a camping experience. The land-cruiser is a 4WD with a good ground clearance that sits 4 persons to max with enough luggage space and camping Gear. With these options, SUVs can hold up to two double rooftop tents for 4 persons camping.

Camping Safaris

Camping and Car Rental Uganda Options

4×4 Car Rentals Uganda Offers extra services to spice up your Self-drive car rental Uganda safari. Our Team is happy to Arrange Quality Gear, Book Gorilla and chimp permits, assign an insightful driver guide more so recommend and book you Top-notch lodges and also share with you deep insider self-drive car rental Tips. Here are some options for renting a car in Uganda for an inspirational Journey.

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