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KN5 Road, Remera Kigali RWANDA.

Book a guided safari in Rwanda and Uganda including Gorillas and primates safaris. We offer great quotes with nice lodges plus a couple of activities on your Africa safari vacation with us. Consider going to Rwanda and Uganda. If you have never been there. Many people around the world travel to these countries to have a look at it. But when you get here all the expectations read from your recent books shade away because what you see is different. Perceptions change when you land there. The undulating climates which slightly change from place to place in far distances, topographies, vegetation variations, cultures and languages coupled with different tribes are all you will find. But still, you have to remember that these are still virgin land where you will find plenty of wildlife seen nowhere else in the world.

Guided Safaris

We conduct a couple of guided tours in Rwanda and Uganda ranging from adventure tours among others.

Such activities include;

  • Gorilla trekking
  • Road Safaris
  • Air Safaris
  • Bush Tours
  • City Tours
  • Airport and Hotel Transfers
  • Honeymooners Safaris
  • Camping Safaris
  • Bird Watching and Filming Safaris (East Africa)
  • Mountain Climbing (Mt. Bisoke, and Rwenzori)
  • Lodges, Villas, Camps and Cottages booking

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

About Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the top three countries in Africa which are popularly known for habituating the World’s most wanted and rarely seen species of Gorillas, research shows that Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills” in the Eastern part of Africa receives a huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World per year because of the shy endangered ground-dwelling herbivores Mountain Gorillas although other major key attracting factors appear.

Some of the other major key attractive factors besides Mountain Gorillas include easy accessibility to Rwanda, favourable climatic conditions, stable financial status, available good service providers like tour operators, a well-characterised transportation system, welcoming locals in Rwanda and stable security.

About Uganda.

Is travelling your passion and still searching for the most exciting destinations to visit in the African continent for discoverable Safari vacations? If it’s so then you should not miss out on Uganda which was branded as “The Pearl of Africa” by Sir Winston Churchill” in 1908 after his great visit to this amazing African destination in 1907. The reason for Uganda’s declaration as the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill is the Wide range of different Unique Wildlife species in its Biodiversity plus other exciting natural attractions which include physical features like Forests, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, falls and more

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